The Secret Of A Happy Marriage

God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage
In EVERY divorce all five of these principles were violated in marriage. Check and see if your marriage is heading for a divorce.

Looking for a solution to your marriage problem? You will find it nowhere else, except in God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage!
Is your marriage in trouble?
God's Five Point Marriage Plan
Don't despair, there is hope!
God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage will teach you:

*** The connection between you and your spouse's relationship with God and each other
*** What is the true cause of disintegration in your marriage
*** How to repair a breach of trust in your marriage
*** The relevance of God's order in marriage
*** The two types of love in marriage
*** How to deal with hurt
*** The path to reconciliation
*** The  steps  of  reconciliation
*** The secret to saving your marriage
*** How to restore your love for your spouse
*** How to  live God's  purpose in your  marriage
*** How to know when you must concede to a divorce
*** The self-counselling program will guide you on the road to reconciliation

A Godly Marriage
About the author

In 1987 I wrote my first book on the subject of marriage. That was thirty years ago. Although important insights can be learned from that book, I have gained a vast amount of experience since then. I did not learn the secret of a happy marriage in a classroom, books, or from counsellors — I learned the secret in God’s School of Hard Knocks!I am convinced that if God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage cannot transform your marriage -- nothing else will. God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage possesses the potential to transform and restore a broken marriage where all other counselling and counsellors will fail!

Elmer Grobler
The Author
God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage comes with a Self-Counselling Program
The Self-Counselling Program enables you to work things through with your spouse in a systematic way, directing you to the root of the problem, without getting bogged down in mud-slinging matches
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God's Five-Point Plan For A Happy Marriage

Marriage Enrichment and Self-Counselling Program For Christians
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By Elmer D Grobler

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